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Our Place in the World

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Seward, Alaska: Through Young Eyes

Each week during the month of April 2012, the first and second graders in Mrs. Ray's classroom at Seward Elementary School studied a different aspect of Seward history, then shared what they learned through a variety of media, including a website, brochures, podcasts, and photos with captions that were published in a local weekly newspaper. Students hoped to reach tourists around the world, because they wished to let them know how rich the history is here. Perhaps they'll spend more time in our town after learning how special it is. Students also hoped they would become famous because of this project—ahhh, through young eyes!!

Flat Classrooms: K-2 Building Bridges to Tomorrow

October - December 2012: K-2 Building Bridges Flat Classroom Project.

Aim: To build understanding of life beyond the immediate environment and also build community through regular connection and collaboration and by sharing between classrooms.

Our Challenge:
To connect classrooms around the world in meaninful discussions and collaborations, and to show that co-creation of ideas and products is possible at this level of education.

Why We Participated:

  • I believe global collaboration has a place in our classroom.
  • I want to improve digital citizenship and cultural understanding.
  • I want to foster global competency amongst students and teachers.
  • I have digital fluency and access to digital tools and want to extend this to my students.
  • I want to use tools and skills in meaningful ways to connect with others and learn together.


Mrs. Ray's Classroom by Elly Ray of Seward, Alaska is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License Creative Commons License