Web 2.0


It’s all right here, baby!

Ah – But How Do You Design a Good Online Class? Check out QM for information.




Web 2.0 can be crazy making because there are so, so many tools to choose from.  So on this page, I have provided the short list of my favorite tools in the table with the purple heading, my Symbaloo, and a list of links to websites that give you a million tools to choose from!

You want to… Then try using… Works in Canvas?
Capture your screen while annotating and embedding video of your talking head.
      • Screencastify
      • Screen-Cast-O-Matic


Finished videos can be uploaded to YouTube
Create a tutorial for students much like Khan Academy videos. Explain Everything (an iPad app) Finished videos can be uploaded.
Create flashcards that read aloud and use images. Quizlet Can be embedded.
“Quiz” kids on ANY topic in a gaming format that can be done whole class (if you’re 1:1) or in small groups, and that collects data for you automatically. Kahoot!, Socrative No (and you probably wouldn’t want it in Canvas)
Allow online synchronous and asynchronous collaboration.


Google Draw, Google Docs, Google Story Builder, Mindmeister (mind maps), Twiddla Yes! (Embed or provide link)
Have kids create electronic portfolios of their work or explain their work. Making student thinking visible. Explain Everything (an iPad app), Educreations, Book Creator, Recap, SeeSaw Be creative!
Hook 5-6 headphones to one mp3 or CD player. Belkin Mixit Rockstar Cable No – it’s a device.
Have progress monitoring done for you. Literably Nope
 Go 1:1 inexpensively (use Donors Choose) Amazon Fire Tablets Tool