Teaching English Learners

Teaching English Learners (ELs) requires an understanding of theories and best practice, and it requires advocacy. In the United States, most edcuation policy is written to move emerging bilinguals away from their native language to only speaking English so that they can function in English-only schools and classrooms. However, this denies them one of their most basic human rights, which is the ability to use their full linguistic repertoire to communicate. No one should never be asked to extinguish their home language. On this page, the Padlet will lead you to a variety of resouces to help you decide on the best methods for teaching ELs in your classroom–whether or not you are a designated “ESL” teacher. Following the padlet you will find resources and links to support you on your journey of advocating for your emerging bilinguals.

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Advocacy Resources and Links

This video is an example of a presentation that could be given during a school-wide assembly. It’s aimed at families of children who are learning English as a second language and offers definitions and supports to help them advocate for their children.