Cultivating Wonder with STEM (K-3)

A new dimension to my learning is in STEM, with a focus on building K-3 teachers’ agency to teach through STEM project-based learning, is a website and a quarterly newsletter!  The first edition of the newsletter, Winter 2023, can be read here. It features a short article about integrating literacy and engineering through children’s books. When the engineering design process is used, students can easily find solutions to problems presented in storybooks. Then, they can transfer their learning about the process to learning anything (math, science, social studies)! The website and the newsletter build off of each other, so be sure to visit the website. Finally, please help promote my initiative by following STEM K-3: Cultivating Wonder Facebook page. Why? Because this type of learning is good for children. If you visit my website and read my newsletters, you’ll become a believer too. Thank you!

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