Week of September 10, 2018

This Week in ELA
  • The common formative assessment will be Monday. We didn’t take it Friday due to shortened class times. We had health screenings Friday!
  • Tuesday will be our kick-off for The Breadwinner!
  • We will play Jeopardy! to practice what we’re learning about figurative language.
  • Short Writes continue daily on SeeSaw. If you haven’t signed on yet, scroll down through older posts on this blog for a link to join so that you can see your child’s work!
  • Whooo’s Reading minutes should be logged daily, and this Friday is the due date for the second required Whooo’s Reading novel test. If your child cannot complete this at home, time will be given in class to do so.
  • If you haven’t already, please sign and return your child’s midterm report card, which was sent home last Wednesday.
Reading On Level

Some confusion arose about Lexile reading levels and book requirements for Whooo’s Reading.  It is suggested that students read books near their Lexile level. Lexile levels are guidelines. As they have been told, this assures that their “reading brains” grow! The bottom line is that students should read grade-level books.

A Word About The Breadwinner
A group of Taliban soldiers.

The slide presentations and discussions we have in class as we read this book usually evoke  shock at how the Taliban treat people.  Since the Taliban are always pictured wearing turbans, I am very careful to instruct students that turbans do not equal Taliban.

This year, I found a video by New Jersey’s Attorney General,  Gurbir Grewal, that I believe will balance out students’ views about turbans and introduce them to the Sikh culture in the United States. Of course I am not trying to push a political agenda with this video; I am raising students’ cultural awareness–one of the themes for quarter 1. Many Sikhs live in the United States. As students read this book, they need to keep in mind that diversity is reflected in many ways and clothing is not a tool to judge a person’s character. After all, Parvana dresses as a boy in the book.

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