Quarter 4 – Can You Believe It!

What to expect in the first few weeks of quarter 4:
  • TCap practice tests happen the first week back.
  • Easy CBMs will be given one more time this year to record your child’s reading progress.
  • Computer usage is being scaled back school wide per the administrators’ directive. In the classroom, this means we will begin a station rotation model of learning. CANVAS learning on the computer will happen at one of six stations. The other stations will focus on grammar, writing, in-depth analysis and discussion of 6th grade ELA standards, vocabulary study, and book club.
  • IR Tests will occur in a book-club format for the last quarter. More info to come!
  • We finish “The War That Saved My Life” and begin a new novel, “I Beat the Odds.”

Middle School is just around the bend! How can we best prepare your child? Here are some tips:


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