Week 28

Somehow my post for week 27 never got published.
So this week’s post will also recap last week.

Last week in ELA, students were to do the following:

  • Read through chapter 14 in TWTSML
  • Complete Canvas modules that are due (through WTSML CHPT 12)
  • SeeSaw writing responses due: “Weekends” and “Evacuees”
  • On Digital Learning Day (Feb. 22nd), an international day in celebration of learning through technology, students were given a creative online activity. They were to choose a poem from https://americanliterature.com/poetry-for-students, then create a Google slideshow using lines or stanzas from a poem and matching it with images located through a Google search. If time allowed, they were to record the poem with their own voices.

This Week in ELA

  • We will read chapters 15-18 in our novel study of “The War That Saved My Life.”
  • Students will respond to brief Canvas assignments for each chapter.
  • Students will take a quiz on chapters 11-15 of the novel.
  • ELA Checkpoints testing occurs Wednesday. Students are to bring a book to read or something to work on if they finish early. The entire class period is given for completion of the test.
  • NON-FICTION IR TESTS ARE DUE FRIDAY. Tests can be completed online through Canvas or turned in on paper.  Late IR Tests WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. ALL ARE DUE MARCH 2. 

This Week at ITIS, it’s ITIS Coin Wars/Spirit Week

  • Monday – Pennies and Mismatch Day
  • Tuesday – Nickles and Crazy Hat Day
  • Wednesday – Dimes and Star Wars Apparel Day
  • Thursday – Quarters and Twins Day
  • Friday – Dollars and School Spirit Day

A Word About Grades

Grades have been downloaded from Canvas to PowerSchool today. Overall, students are doing very well! Still, there are several low grades. In most cases, students received a low grade or a zero because they did not complete or submit an online assignment. It is made very clear to them in class when the deadlines are for the assignments. Even after the assignments are due, they are available for one week afterward for students to submit late work.

What I keep witnessing in class with some students is a lack of responsibility and accountability for classwork. For example, some students just sit there doing nothing, even with my encouragement and prompting. It is hard to imagine how some students have reached such states of apathy about their school work at such a young age. I appreciate your support as you encourage your child to stay on task and do his or her very best each day. FYI: Students who have been absent for several days due to illness are given extra time to make up assignments.

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