Week 26

This week in ELA:

  • We are continuing our reading of “The War That Saved My Life”
  • IR Tests have been graded in Canvas. At the students’ request, each IR Test question became it’s own “quiz” in Canvas, allowing them to answer one question per sitting.  As a result, Canvas won’t show a cummulative grade for the IR Test. This week, I will be combining the grades for questions 1-4, adding the bonus (if completed), and subtracting points for those who turned in late assignments, and then I will add a final grade into the gradebook of PowerSchool. Students who submitted paper IR Tests also have their grades in Canvas (as that is where the rubric for grading is located).
  • Guidance Counselor Cindy Osborne will be leading class Tuesday.
  • Students should be busy reading a NONFICTION IR book by now. The deadline for the nonfiction IR Test is March 2nd.
  • This week, we will visit the library on Friday. Students are always welcome to go between 7:30 and 7:50 each morning.
  • Daily Canvas work is continuing. Students must complete daily assignments in class; if they don’t, they must complete them during team time. Unless a student has been absent, no extensions are given on daily class work.
  • Picture make-ups are Feb. 21st
  • ELA Checkpoints are Feb. 28th

Remember to browse this website for other information. Don’t forget to see your child’s work in SeeSaw!

Have a great week!

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