Week 25

This Week in ELA

  • Students should begin their nonfiction book for the next IR test, which is due March 2. More information is available here. Test questions will be on Canvas and on paper, and turning in the test can be done electronically through Canvas, on paper, or as a combination of both.  Paper questions will be sent home in students’ Wednesday folders.
  • Students have been given until Tuesday by 5 PM to finish incomplete classwork that we’ve been doing on Canvas. After that, incomplete work becomes a zero. Some students have not put forth their best effort and have a lot of unfinished assignments. They have been given class time every day for weeks to work on these, and the nice thing about Canvas is they can access their work from home too.  You can see their progress by logging on to their Canvas account with them using their sign-in.
  • Midterm report cards go home in this week’s Wednesday folder. Please sign and return both the report and the back of the Wednesday folder.
  • This Friday is our class library visit.
  • We are off to a great start with our novel study for this quarter. Learn more by clicking here.
  • Students will have a substitute teacher Wednesday.

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