Where's Mrs. Ray's Classroom?

Big Changes

For my entire classroom teaching career, this site was fully developed and included a blog for parent news, student work galleries, calendars, newsletters, and more. It has been taken down. As of December 2017, I no longer have a classroom. I retired from that type of teaching and have a new focus.

I now am an active advocate working toward changing the way we do school in the United States of America. The "factory model," as many in the education industry call it, no longer is viable. We need to move toward new and better ways to teach to fully engage our students and make them ready for the job world. So what do I advocate for? Integrated STEM, girls and women in STEM, blended learning, and personalized learning all top my list. Of course integrated STEM is based on project- and problem-based learning and is meant to replace entire school curriculums!

To learn more about my new initiatives, you can follow my new blog. Hope to see you there, as commenting will be open. If you're interested in being interviewed, use the contact form to inquire. I'd love to chat with you!

If you're seeking some of the resources that used to be on my classroom website, they're gone. I cleaned house, so to speak, and cleared away old files.

Finally, I'd like to put in a plug for my part time online teaching work through VIPKid. I'm having so much fun teaching English to Chinese students every morning using the VIPKid platform. All the work is already done for me. I just log on and work through the interactive slides with one student at a time! I make a good chunk of change doing this too. I know several full time classroom teachers who do this on the weekends, so it could be for you! Check it out - just click here now!


Click here to learn about VIPKid!