Week 2 – First Full Week!

We started the week with introductions on Wednesday and Thursday, a STEM challenge on Thursday, and then started learning our content on Friday. Students were introduced to annotation symbols, which we will use this week on a non-fiction article. They were also asked to write about a small moment from their summer — a point in time that they could elaborate upon. These short essays were graded for “participation” only, and will be returned in the Wednesday folder.

IR – Independent Reading

Did your child remember to share the IR contract with you this weekend, and have you sign it and his or her Tracker? The contract is due Monday. All students need to begin either their fiction or non-fiction IR book this week. We will be visiting the library on Wednesday, during which students may select a book with the librarian’s assistance.

What to Expect

This week, we will focus on the three types of writing that are taught at this age level: argumentative, informative/explanatory, and narrative. We will review each type, and students will write short essays for each after reading two articles that they will compare and contrast.  We will also use our “Lit Logs,” and practice annotation.

As always, I welcome your comments or questions. Please contact me using the Bloomz app. If you did not receive information about it from your child, please send in a note to let me know so that I can send home information to get you signed up.  




Hello families and students! Welcome to a new school year at Indian Trail Intermediate School. It is my pleasure to introduce myself to you, as I am new to this school. I have been teaching for several years, but in Alaska. We moved to Johnson City this summer and are happy to be back to what is more familiar to us–like heat, crickets chirping at night, and thunderstorms! We lived for many years in Durham, North Carolina, before we took off for our Alaskan adventure in 2005.

Visit this blog regularly for updates about school and classroom happenings. More information will follow soon! Once again, welcome to school, and welcome to my classroom!

Mrs. Ray