Week 26

This week in ELA:

  • We are continuing our reading of “The War That Saved My Life”
  • IR Tests have been graded in Canvas. At the students’ request, each IR Test question became it’s own “quiz” in Canvas, allowing them to answer one question per sitting.  As a result, Canvas won’t show a cummulative grade for the IR Test. This week, I will be combining the grades for questions 1-4, adding the bonus (if completed), and subtracting points for those who turned in late assignments, and then I will add a final grade into the gradebook of PowerSchool. Students who submitted paper IR Tests also have their grades in Canvas (as that is where the rubric for grading is located).
  • Guidance Counselor Cindy Osborne will be leading class Tuesday.
  • Students should be busy reading a NONFICTION IR book by now. The deadline for the nonfiction IR Test is March 2nd.
  • This week, we will visit the library on Friday. Students are always welcome to go between 7:30 and 7:50 each morning.
  • Daily Canvas work is continuing. Students must complete daily assignments in class; if they don’t, they must complete them during team time. Unless a student has been absent, no extensions are given on daily class work.
  • Picture make-ups are Feb. 21st
  • ELA Checkpoints are Feb. 28th

Remember to browse this website for other information. Don’t forget to see your child’s work in SeeSaw!

Have a great week!

Week 25

This Week in ELA

  • Students should begin their nonfiction book for the next IR test, which is due March 2. More information is available here. Test questions will be on Canvas and on paper, and turning in the test can be done electronically through Canvas, on paper, or as a combination of both.  Paper questions will be sent home in students’ Wednesday folders.
  • Students have been given until Tuesday by 5 PM to finish incomplete classwork that we’ve been doing on Canvas. After that, incomplete work becomes a zero. Some students have not put forth their best effort and have a lot of unfinished assignments. They have been given class time every day for weeks to work on these, and the nice thing about Canvas is they can access their work from home too.  You can see their progress by logging on to their Canvas account with them using their sign-in.
  • Midterm report cards go home in this week’s Wednesday folder. Please sign and return both the report and the back of the Wednesday folder.
  • This Friday is our class library visit.
  • We are off to a great start with our novel study for this quarter. Learn more by clicking here.
  • Students will have a substitute teacher Wednesday.

Week 22

This week in ELA!

  • Mrs. Ray will be gone Monday.
  • This week, we will be working on identifying topics and theme from an adaptation of The Book Thief, by Markus  Zusak . The activities will culminate with creating theme posters.
  • Friday is a library visit. Students can renew or check out books.
  • IR TEST IS DUE NEXT THURSDAY. Please click over to the IR tab for details. I’m encouraging students to complete it online this time, but that is not a requirement.

Week 21

Thank you for your kindness!I’m glad to be back after missing most of last week due to unexpected health issues with my husband. I’m happy to say he is doing well. Thanks to all those who caught wind of what was happening and prayed or sent well wishes. We deeply appreciate it!


This week we begin preparing for several things:

  1. A Common Formative Assessment (given to all sixth graders) on fiction will be this Friday.
  2. We will study plot (briefly), topic, theme, and text evidence this week.
  3. We will learn background information about WWII to prepare for this quarter’s extended text, called “The War That Saved My Live,” which is set in England during that time.  To do this, we will perform a reader’s theater on an adapted version of “The Book Thief” by Scholastic. We will also briefly learn about Anne Frank and Irena Sendler.
    1.  Click here to see our resources for Anne Frank.
    2. Click here to see our resource video for Irena Sendler (2nd video on page).
  4. Students will work on lessons in CANVAS and follow along Wednesday on Nearpod.

How is your child’s fiction IR book coming along? It will be due before you know it. See the IR page on this website for details.

Week 20

This Week
  • We will review Checkpoint Tests on Monday.
  • On Tuesday and Wednesday (substitute teacher both days), students will practice nonfiction standards while reading and responding (on Canvas) to two nonfiction articles about life in outer space.
  • Report cards go home in Wednesday Folders. Please sign and return by Friday. (Students who have missing library books will not get their report card until books have been turned in. School policy.)
  • On Thursday and Friday, students will write an imagined narrative about life in space using facts learned from the two nonfiction articles.
  • By Friday, students should be 1/3 through their fiction books (for their IR Test that is due Feb. 1st.) See more info here.

Full Steam Ahead!

Students will be using Canvas for lessons this week. This is part of their laptop training and is preparing them for our move to station rotations beginning next week. During station rotations, students will be engaged in hands-on activities, reading, Canvas activities, teacher-guided lessons, and more. They will use a checklist to keep track of weekly station activities and have the freedom to choose and work at their own pace.

IR Tests – Fiction Books Should be Started

To keep pace with the suggested timeline for completing this quarter’s first IR Test, students should be 1/3 through their chosen fiction book by Friday. Please encourage your child to read every evening.

We visited the library Friday to check out books. Some students did not check out books. They will need to visit the library between 7:30 – and 7:45 a.m. to select their book. If they have overdue or missing books, or library fines, they will not be able to check out a book. If this is the case, please take your child to the public library or make other arrangements for him or her to obtain a fiction book.

More About the Online IR Test

For the remainder of the year, students will be encouraged to complete their IR Tests on Canvas. They have been given many options, including turning in portions (or all) of it by paper, inputting directly into Canvas, or uploading files if they know how (or wish to learn how).

Why is this important? Student testing is almost exclusively online nowadays–including Checkpoints and state-mandated TCAPS. Students need to be comfortable and familiar with working in an online environment.



Happy New Year!

Happy 2018 to all our students and families. Welcome back to school! This week, we begin Semester 2 (Quarter 3). Here is what you can expect:

Two IR Tests will be due this quarter, beginning with fiction and followed by nonfiction. See the IR tab on this website for due dates and other useful info.

IR Tests will be online on CANVAS, and we encourage all students to complete their tests there if possible. Log-in information for students will be provided in class. Paper tests may be turned in if using the Internet at home is not possible. Parents can log in to Canvas as well: Click Here For an Account

This week, we will have training in Digital Citizenship across all three blocks. This is a requirement for students to use the computers.

Students will also have a CANVAS training in class since it will be used daily in our learning. Assignments and quizzes will be in this online platform, and grades will be published from CANVAS to PowerSchool.

Next week, we will be carefully reviewing the 2nd quarter checkpoint assessment results question by question to help students gain a better understanding of what is expected.

Happy Holidays!

This week on Coyote 2, it’s a 1.5 school days of fun and celebration!

Monday – We will watch a special movie, then spend the afternoon in the gym playing fun games!

Tuesday – Thank you to all the parents who signed up to bring food and/or serve breakfast for our celebration meal in the morning! We appreciate you! We will follow the ITIS Early Dismissal Policy for 1/2 days of school.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!
Happy Holidays to you and your family!