Week 21

Thank you for your kindness!I’m glad to be back after missing most of last week due to unexpected health issues with my husband. I’m happy to say he is doing well. Thanks to all those who caught wind of what was happening and prayed or sent well wishes. We deeply appreciate it!


This week we begin preparing for several things:

  1. A Common Formative Assessment (given to all sixth graders) on fiction will be this Friday.
  2. We will study plot (briefly), topic, theme, and text evidence this week.
  3. We will learn background information about WWII to prepare for this quarter’s extended text, called “The War That Saved My Live,” which is set in England during that time.  To do this, we will perform a reader’s theater on an adapted version of “The Book Thief” by Scholastic. We will also briefly learn about Anne Frank and Irena Sendler.
    1.  Click here to see our resources for Anne Frank.
    2. Click here to see our resource video for Irena Sendler (2nd video on page).
  4. Students will work on lessons in CANVAS and follow along Wednesday on Nearpod.

How is your child’s fiction IR book coming along? It will be due before you know it. See the IR page on this website for details.

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