Week 20

This Week
  • We will review Checkpoint Tests on Monday.
  • On Tuesday and Wednesday (substitute teacher both days), students will practice nonfiction standards while reading and responding (on Canvas) to two nonfiction articles about life in outer space.
  • Report cards go home in Wednesday Folders. Please sign and return by Friday. (Students who have missing library books will not get their report card until books have been turned in. School policy.)
  • On Thursday and Friday, students will write an imagined narrative about life in space using facts learned from the two nonfiction articles.
  • By Friday, students should be 1/3 through their fiction books (for their IR Test that is due Feb. 1st.) See more info here.

Full Steam Ahead!

Students will be using Canvas for lessons this week. This is part of their laptop training and is preparing them for our move to station rotations beginning next week. During station rotations, students will be engaged in hands-on activities, reading, Canvas activities, teacher-guided lessons, and more. They will use a checklist to keep track of weekly station activities and have the freedom to choose and work at their own pace.

IR Tests – Fiction Books Should be Started

To keep pace with the suggested timeline for completing this quarter’s first IR Test, students should be 1/3 through their chosen fiction book by Friday. Please encourage your child to read every evening.

We visited the library Friday to check out books. Some students did not check out books. They will need to visit the library between 7:30 – and 7:45 a.m. to select their book. If they have overdue or missing books, or library fines, they will not be able to check out a book. If this is the case, please take your child to the public library or make other arrangements for him or her to obtain a fiction book.

More About the Online IR Test

For the remainder of the year, students will be encouraged to complete their IR Tests on Canvas. They have been given many options, including turning in portions (or all) of it by paper, inputting directly into Canvas, or uploading files if they know how (or wish to learn how).

Why is this important? Student testing is almost exclusively online nowadays–including Checkpoints and state-mandated TCAPS. Students need to be comfortable and familiar with working in an online environment.



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