Week of Dec. 4th

News You Can Use

  • Band concert, Tuesday at 6:30
  • Checkpoint testing is Tuesday for ELA
  • Vocabulary Test is Wednesday (3 words to spell too)
  • Friday is the deadline for IR Tests (nonfiction)

This Week in ELA

  • We are continuing our study of “The President Has Been Shot!”  Even though we do discuss the history in the book quite a bit, our approach is always from an ELA perspective.
  • We ask questions such as these: “Why did the author put this information in this location in the book?” and “Is this statement more of an opinion of the author or is it supported by reason and/or facts?”
  • Students should be thinking of useful posters they could create relevant to the topics in the book for a culminating activity. The audience is the public. We have discussed social justice and respect for the President as two possible themes.
  • Just a reminder that we visit the library every Friday (unless an event is planned in there that conflicts with our schedule).


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