Qtr. 2 – Week 3

This Week

  • Students should be finished their IR Fiction book by Friday. This will give them the weekend and next week to complete their IR Tests, which are due Nov. 3rd.
  • We will continue to review IR Test questions in class.
  • Students are working on essays still this week. It’s a worthwhile but long process. Good for them! They’re budding writers!
  • I will be attending a training Tuesday, so students will have a substitute teacher during Blocks 2 & 3. They will be learning about citing text evidence through examples, stories, and a cut-and-paste activity.
  • Wednesday, we will be having Writer’s Cafe. I am serving fall cookies and apple cider. Students will work quietly the whole class period, using tools we’ve been gathering, reviewing, and practicing for the last couple of weeks.

Next Week

Whole-school laptop roll out for 1:1 computing! I’m so happy this opportunity is coming our way. I pioneered blended learning in my former school district, which included integrating technology in meaningful ways. Your students will benefit from the opportunities a 1:1 learning system brings.

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