Week of Sept. 18th

Most Important

IR Tests are due Sept. 25th. Students should have completed their book by now and should be working to complete ALL questions on the appropriate IR Test.  Learn details here.  Remember, if they read fiction last time, they should read non-fiction this time. Also, last time, test grades were calculated using only the two best answers. This time, all questions will be graded.

Other News

  • Online “Checkpoint” tests (district benchmark tests) will happen Monday. Learn more here.
  • Picture retakes are Wednesday.
  • Walk-a-Thon is Friday during related arts. Information was sent home in last week’s Wednesday folder.
  • Parent-Teacher conferences are coming up. Coyote 2 teachers will provide scheduling opportunities soon, so stay tuned!
  • End of quarter approaches — September 29th!
  • Fall Break: Week of October 2nd.


  • Fun new words: connotation and allusion!  We are learning how authors use these when they write to affect the tone of the story. In particular, we are looking for examples of both in our current novel, “The Breadwinner.”
  • Students are beginning or working on a creative writing assignment. Some began it on SeeSaw, but because of limited computer availability, most will write their stories on paper, and some will be given a print-out from their story start on SeeSaw to complete on paper.
  • Encourage your student to take home the weekly extra credit. It really helps pull up the weekly quiz grade!

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